Halloween Wedding Themes

Guest blog post by Cassandra Harris.

Halloween-themed weddings are just like any other wedding, really. The only difference is that instead of your typical flower girl waltzing down the aisle, there’s Tinkerbell, and instead of the traditional happy couple cake toppers, there’s a bride and groom corpse. Okay. It’s nothing like your typical wedding. Check out these unique wedding photos with Halloween-inspired themes!

There are several ways to propose to your loved one, but who knew that it could take place on a Jack-O-Lantern?  The Halloween fun doesn’t start for guests at the reception though- it starts with the invitations! “Save the date… if you dare!” Finger-shaped pizza dough with pepperoni nails bring a whole new meaning to the words “finger foods”. Candy corn cocktails and margaritas with fake blood around the rim of the glass make for such fun wedding receptions. Another great opportunity to work in a Halloween theme at the reception is with the table place settings. Instead of having just your guests’ names on them, why not add a theme to each table such as Phantom of the OperaElm Street, and The Exorcist.

It’s great seeing some of the brides who went all out for the occasion and even donned black, Gothic style wedding dresses, while their bridesmaids wore similar, dark dresses.  The wedding cakes are as impressive as the decorations. The tri-tier wedding cakes with spider webs were a nice touch. These brides and grooms really knew how to think outside the norms and create some fantastic wedding ideas. Enjoy!

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