A Handmade Farm Wedding – Holly and Wes

Holly and Wes created a Kaptur of their lovely farm wedding through our Kaptur Your Wedding with Beyoncé site. Holly shared the story of Wes’s proposal, their wedding photos and her wedding experience with us.

I am so excited to have been asked to tell you all about my wedding story here on Kaptur! I guess I’ll start my story about a year ago, when Wes proposed to me. It was just before Christmas, and my friends had been driving me crazy asking if I thought I would be getting a ring this year. We had been dating for about three years, and I suppose it was assumed that we would get engaged soon. The night he chose to pop the question was completely unexpected though.

I had just come home from a long shift at work and was in a terrible mood. Working at the mall during the last few days before Christmas can be so exhausting, and I told him I just wanted to go to bed immediately. I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water, and was facing the kitchen sink, when he came up behind me and put his arms around me. I thought he was just being his usual sweet self, until the things he was saying started getting more and more serious, and his voice started shaking a little. I turned around, he dropped to one knee, and said the magical words, “Will you marry me?” We jumped around the kitchen, cried, said “WE’RE ENGAGED!” about a million times, and called our parents (who were asleep – sorry mom).

I didn’t get any sleep that night because I was so excited, but little did I know that would not be the only sleepless night before the wedding! Over the next nine months, I read more blogs, saved more pictures, and bookmarked more web pages then any healthy person ever should. Wes and I had a very specific feeling that we wanted our wedding to have. We wanted it to be very laid-back and fun, and definitely not stuffy or formal. We knew we wanted to have it on my parents’ farm, so it would feel country but not too country. With help from our family, we made almost everything ourselves from the decorations to the invitations, which not only saved a lot of money, but also gave everything the handmade feel we wanted.

More than the decorations, food, music, or any other detail, what I was genuinely most excited about was the fact that the man I am so in love with wanted to stand in front of our family and friends and vow to love me forever. I know everyone says that, but nothing else really mattered. Even if a million things had gone wrong, it still would have been the best day of my life. Since meeting Wes, I have had more fun than I have ever had. He makes me laugh every day, and I am so excited to keep laughing and having fun adventures together.

If you would like to know more about the decorations and DIY projects involved in my wedding, check out my blog at hollywouldblvd.blogspot.com