Gossip Girl Wedding and Our Other Favorite Fictional Weddings

The news of Blair Waldorf’s (Leighton Meester) upcoming wedding on the series Gossip Girl and the recent photos of her in a wedding dress have us excited. The gown, designed by Vera Wang, is a beautiful strapless dress with a lace overlay and a stylish bow at the waist. It is complemented with peep-toe pumps, and Blair’s bridal look is completed by tousled wavy hair and a glittering tiara. In the photos, Blair’s dress more than hints at a wedding taking place, but her worried face and the fact that she seems to be running away from the venue has us guessing. Is Blair a runaway bride? Or did she just forget something?

Gossip Girl’s on-screen wedding and the long awaited reveal of Bella’s dress as Twilight’s Breaking Dawn Part I premieres has us thinking about dresses we loved from other fictional weddings. The slideshow is a brief review of a few our favorites. This list includes the fabulous Vivienne Westwood dress that Carrie Bradshaw wore in Sex and the City, Amanda Seyfried’s lacey layered dress from Mamma Mia, Kirsten Dunst’s dress from Melancholia with beautiful silk rose details at the shoulders, Beyoncé’s two dresses from her music video “Best I Never Had” and more.

Speaking of Beyoncé! During a performance this summer at the Roseland Ballroom, in New York City, the star briefly let fans into her very private life. Video footage of memorable moments from Beyoncé’s career and personal life played in the background as she sang “I Was Here.” The video included a very short glimpse of Beyoncé wearing her never-before-seen wedding dress just before her super secret wedding ceremony with Jay-Z, in April of 2008. We had to include a photo of the dress, which was designed for Beyoncé by her mom, Tina Knowles.