Real Wedding Story: Kaptur your Wedding!

Meghan McMahon was kind enough to tell us the story of her wedding and how she Kaptur’d every moment when she got married in Williamsburg, VA.

Real Wedding Story

How did your husband propose?
My family was having a birthday party for my brother-in-law then having more friends over later for swimming, dancing and drinks on our back deck. My husband used this opportunity to pull me aside and pop the question. When we came back, the DJ (my brother-in-law) was playing Beyoncé‘s “Single Ladies”!

Did anything unexpected happen on the day?
We had more time than we thought we would. I’m a planner, so I baked in an hour between the wedding and cocktail hour – but pictures didn’t last too long and our guests arrived early. So we entered the reception early!

Were there any unusual themes or special touches for the wedding?
We both went to James Madison University and we had the traveling Duke Dog (mascot) attend – which was just a small statue named Road Dawg. We really wanted our wedding to be simple and elegant, so our small touches were there.

What Meghan had to say about Kaptur:
I love being able to see all my photos and friends’ photos from our big day in one place. I know my friends have enjoyed seeing them all together and have created albums of their own. I am excited to incorporate this into other events in the future!

Thanks Meghan! It sounds like you had an amazing day.

Celebrity weddings to be on the lookout for in 2012!

Happy New Year from all of us here at Kaptur!

If you are like us, you just can’t wait to catch a glimpse of newly leaked celebrity wedding photos. 2011 has been an eventful year filled with memorable ones and with celebrity couples announcing their engagements, we have a lot to look forward to in 2012!

Take a look at our top 12 celebrity weddings to look forward to in 2012:

1. Matthew McConaughey & Camila Alves - he proposed to the mother of his two children, Levi and Vida, on Christmas day.

2. Britney Spears & Jason Trawick - on December 16th, Britney excitedly tweeted about her engagement to Trawick, who proposed to her on his 40th birthday. The pop princess began dating her former agent in 2009.

3. Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson - they announced their engagement on November 14, 2010, but the pair have put their wedding plans on hold until after the birth of their first child.

4. Anne Hathaway & Adam Shulman - Hathaway’s actor/jewelry designer beau of three years proposed to her with a ring that he co-designed.

5. Natalie Portman & Benjamin Millepied - The pair began dating while working together on Black Swan. In December 2010 they announced that they were engaged and expecting their first child, Aleph, who was born in June.

6. Kate Hudson & Matthew Bellamy – the actress announced her engagement to her boyfriend of a year, Muse frontman Bellamy, during a live interview on the Today Show in April. Their son, Bringham Hawn Bellamy, was born in July.

7. Ellie Kemper & Michael Koman – the Bridesmaids star will need some bridesmaids of her own when she marries Late Night with Conan O’Brien writer Michael Koman.

8. Tracy Morgan & Megan Wollover – the 30 Rock funnyman put aside the jokes when he proposed to his model girlfriend. Wollover reported that his proposal “wasn’t anything crazy. He was on bended knee.”

9. Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler – the reality star and Chicago Bears quarterback are once again engaged to be married. The duo split in July, but Cavallari tweeted about their reunion and was seen sporting her ring again on November 30th.

10. Elizabeth Hurley & Shane Warne – while on vacation in Scotland, the former Australian cricket player proposed to his actress girlfriend of 10 months. This will be the second marriage for both of them.

11. John Legend & Chrissy Teigen – Legend proposed to his longtime girlfriend, model Teigen, while travelling over the Christmas holidays.

12. Stanley Tucci & Felicity Blunt – Emily Blunt set up big sis, Felicity, on a date with her “The Devil Wears Prada” co-star, Stanley Tucci. Apparently the pair hit it off, as they are now engaged to be married.

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A Handmade Farm Wedding – Holly and Wes

Holly and Wes created a Kaptur of their lovely farm wedding through our Kaptur Your Wedding with Beyoncé site. Holly shared the story of Wes’s proposal, their wedding photos and her wedding experience with us.

I am so excited to have been asked to tell you all about my wedding story here on Kaptur! I guess I’ll start my story about a year ago, when Wes proposed to me. It was just before Christmas, and my friends had been driving me crazy asking if I thought I would be getting a ring this year. We had been dating for about three years, and I suppose it was assumed that we would get engaged soon. The night he chose to pop the question was completely unexpected though.

I had just come home from a long shift at work and was in a terrible mood. Working at the mall during the last few days before Christmas can be so exhausting, and I told him I just wanted to go to bed immediately. I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water, and was facing the kitchen sink, when he came up behind me and put his arms around me. I thought he was just being his usual sweet self, until the things he was saying started getting more and more serious, and his voice started shaking a little. I turned around, he dropped to one knee, and said the magical words, “Will you marry me?” We jumped around the kitchen, cried, said “WE’RE ENGAGED!” about a million times, and called our parents (who were asleep – sorry mom).

I didn’t get any sleep that night because I was so excited, but little did I know that would not be the only sleepless night before the wedding! Over the next nine months, I read more blogs, saved more pictures, and bookmarked more web pages then any healthy person ever should. Wes and I had a very specific feeling that we wanted our wedding to have. We wanted it to be very laid-back and fun, and definitely not stuffy or formal. We knew we wanted to have it on my parents’ farm, so it would feel country but not too country. With help from our family, we made almost everything ourselves from the decorations to the invitations, which not only saved a lot of money, but also gave everything the handmade feel we wanted.

More than the decorations, food, music, or any other detail, what I was genuinely most excited about was the fact that the man I am so in love with wanted to stand in front of our family and friends and vow to love me forever. I know everyone says that, but nothing else really mattered. Even if a million things had gone wrong, it still would have been the best day of my life. Since meeting Wes, I have had more fun than I have ever had. He makes me laugh every day, and I am so excited to keep laughing and having fun adventures together.

If you would like to know more about the decorations and DIY projects involved in my wedding, check out my blog at

Real Wedding Proposal, Susie and Richie

The future Mr. and Mrs. Smith tell us how their wedding proposal went down:

We met each other in the dorms our first year at Old Dominion University. Move-in day was about a week before classes began, so everyone took this time as an opportunity to get to know each other. Richie was always shy and didn’t really say too much to anyone; I was the complete opposite.

One day a group of people, including Richie and me, were watching a movie together. I decided that I wanted to get a laugh or some type of reaction out of him, so I slipped a bottle of soda under his butt as he was about to sit down. We’ve been best friends ever since.

Almost four years later, we were planning a trip to the beach with a group of friends for the Fourth of July.  Every single one of my friends ended up bailing on us the day before we were supposed to leave, but I had already booked our room on my credit card. Surprisingly, I was still in a good mood and when we got to the beach, everything was PERFECT. The weather was amazing, and it was pretty late so Richie and I basically had the beach to ourselves. I started playing around and got down on one knee and said “there’s only one thing that could make tonight any more perfect” and fake proposed. He pulled me up with a huge smile and we continued down the beach laughing. About ten paces later he got down on one knee and said “seriously, there IS only one thing that could make this night more perfect.” I thought he was joking and started to pull him up off the ground…until he pulled out a ring and asked me the question every girl dreams of hearing: “Will you marry me?”

Wedding Proposal Scavenger Hunt

Mark’s Proposal, by Laicie Olson

Mark and I met more than four years ago. We were working at a TGI Fridays, of all places, and I remember asking a co-worker to tell me who the “cute one” was. Turns out in the end he was a lot more than cute…he was everything I had ever needed.

Of course, when the day came for him to propose, I might have messed it up a little. I suppose he knew for sure at about 9:45 a.m. that I had no clue what he had in store. It was about that time that I was officially going to miss my Sunday yoga class, the first stop on a scavenger hunt that would lead me all the way from our home in Maryland to West Virginia, DC, and eventually to Oregon, where I grew up.

When I did finally drag my lazy bones out of bed that morning, I stumbled downstairs to discover a hydrangea, a camera, and a note detailing the terms of my hunt. I was to snap a picture at each destination, then text for my next clue. He wouldn’t talk to me along the way, but he would answer any question I had. “This one adventure may take all day,” he said in the note, “but the rest of our lives is the true adventure.” And he wasn’t kidding, the hunt really did last all day.

I visited the place we had our first kiss, our first home together – all of our favorite places. I told the through-hikers at the AT Visitor Center in Harper’s Ferry about my hunt and snapped their picture. I snapped my own picture. I cried at least ten times.

At the end of the day, Mark gave me my final clue. It was an address. Walking to the restaurant I knew he would be there. I was shaking, wondering how he would propose. Would it just be him? Would others be there too? Would he be down on one knee the second I saw him?

I arrived at the restaurant and was led to a table, but what I saw there wasn’t Mark – it was my three best girlfriends with a bottle of wine and another note! The note told me to pack my bags. His brother would be by our house early the next morning to take me to the airport; I was already checked in for my flight. The rest is kind of a blur. We had an amazing dinner (followed by a little trip next door for fro-yo) and then I headed home to pack my bags. Waiting at home was my iPod, which had recently gone missing, programmed with a personalized playlist of love songs for the long ride.

When I arrived in Portland, a town car took me to our favorite hotel. I opened the door to our room to hear The Ramones, “Baby, I Love You,” playing on a loop. On the dresser was my final clue.

The clue sent me to Powell’s, just around the corner, for a book on Frank Lloyd Wright and there he was. He led me to the waterfront, he got down on one knee, and he asked. It was like a dream.

The next day we celebrated in wine country with my family. I still have a hard time wrapping my head around just how amazing it all was, but really, I shouldn’t be surprised. This is the man I am going to marry. He’s been that same man every day of our lives. He’s amazing, and I can’t wait to marry him.

Laicie Olson is currently blogging her way to the altar at her blog A Thousand Threads